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Trauma Management PDF $20.00

Trauma Management PDF
Trauma Management PDF

Complete this course to earn 1 CPD hour

Reviews common traumatic injuries that result in critical care admission,
outlining principles of management for nurses.

Injury remains the leading cause of death in adults under 45 years of age,
and is a leading cause of preventable mortality and morbidity in Australia, New Zealand and around the world.

Caring for a trauma patient presents critical care nurses with multiple and life-threatening challenges. In this module, you will consider the common traumatic injuries that result in admission to critical care, as well as their principles of management.

You will identify the benefits and limitations of an organised trauma system and address the principles of resuscitation, damage-control surgery and specific challenges such as the ‘trauma triad’.

Having studied this module, you will be able to confidently discuss the appropriate nursing care of patients with: serious injury and/or multitrauma; multiple serious fractures; burn injuries; abdominal injuries; and chest trauma.

Completing this online module accumulates one hour of CPD for nurses.

Acknowledgements Content derived from ‘Trauma Management’ by Louise Niggemeyer and Paul Thurman in ACCCN’s Critical Care Nursing, 2nd edition, by Elliott, Aitken and Chaboyer.