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Toxicological Emergencies $20.00

Toxicological Emergencies
Toxicological Emergencies

Complete this course to earn 1 CPD hour

Familiarises nurses with toxicokinetics and investigation and management processes for commonly ingested poisons.

How would you deal with a child who has consumed an unknown tablet? An adult who has overdosed on beta-blockers? Or a diabetic who has exceeded their insulin dosage?

Clinical toxicology is a rapidly expanding area of core knowledge for nurses working in emergency care. While virtually any agent can be toxic at sufficient dose, all agents have a threshold dose below which they are relatively harmless; hence the need for nurses to understand common agents and their particular toxicokinetics.

This module addresses demographics and common presentations of poisoning—whether accidental or deliberate—and covers resuscitation, risk assessment, supportive care, clinical investigations, decontamination, enhanced elimination, antidotes and medical disposition.

Importantly, this module takes you through commonly ingested agents, from alcohols and antidepressants to insecticides and herbicides, discussing the correct investigation and management process for each one.

Completing this online module accumulates one hour of CPD for nurses.

Acknowledgements Content derived from ‘Toxicological emergencies’ by Sarah Parkinson, Michael Cadogan, Jason Armstrong and Chris Nickson in Emergency and Trauma Care, 1st edition, by Curtis and Ramsden.