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Consent to Treatment PDF $20.00

Consent to Treatment PDF
Consent to Treatment PDF

Complete this course to earn 1 CPD hour

Addresses the legal rights and responsibilities of healthcare professionals, including nurses and midwives, with regards to patient consent

The question of patient consent to treatment is an extremely important one for nurses.

In a difficult situation, what exactly constitutes a valid consent? Can patients withhold their consent, even to life-saving intervention? And what about when the patient is a young child, mentally incapacitated or in need of restraint?

In completing this module, you will learn just how much information you must communicate to a patient to allow them to make their decision about treatment, as well as the ways in which a patient may give their consent – expressly or impliedly. You will cover end-of-life planning, not for resuscitation orders, and your rights in terms of detaining and restraining patients without their consent.

Using case studies, the module examines why a patient’s consent is legally essential for healthcare staff. It outlines what is available to help both you and the patient understand the law, including the relevant legislation by Australian state and territory, and discusses defences available to healthcare staff in the event of legal action.

Completing this online module accumulates one hour of CPD for nurses.

Acknowledgements - Content derived from Chapter 4 in Law for Nurses and Midwives, 7th Edition by Staunton and Chiarella