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What is CPD?

CPD is Continuing Professional Development. It's an integral aspect of any profession and, as of July 2010 when National Registration was implemented, an essential one for nurses.

As a nurse, you will need to complete a minimum 20 hours of active Continuing Professional Development learning per year to maintain your Australian registration. If you are a Nurse Practitioner, an additional 10 hours of learning is required.

The CPD you undertake must be relevant to your context of practice. You will also need to keep evidence of all the CPD you complete as the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Board may select you for audit in future.

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CPD Requirements
1. Nurses and Midwives are required to participate in at least 20 hours of nursing CPD per year.

2. If you are a registered nurse and midwife who holds scheduled medicines endorsements or endorsements as nurse or midwife practitioners under the National Law, you must complete an additional minimum  of 10 hours per year in education related to your endorsement.

3. One hour of active learning equates to one hour of CPD. It is your responsibility to calculate how many hours of active learning you have completed. If CPD activities undertaken are relevant to nursing and midwifery professions, those activities may be counted in each portfolio of professional development.

4. The CPD activity you participate in must be relevant to the your context of practice.

5. It is important you keep written documentation of CPD that demonstrates evidence of completion of a minimum 20 hours of CPD per year.

6. When you document your self-directed CPD, you must include dates, a brief description of the outcomes, and the number of hours you spent in each activity. All evidence should be verified. It must demonstrate that you have:

(i)identified and prioritised your learning needs, based on an evaluation of your practice against the relevant competency or professional practice standards;
(ii)developed a learning plan;
(iii)participated in effective learning activities relevant to your learning needs;
(iv)reflected on the value of the learning activities or the effect that participation will have on your practice.

7. Participation in mandatory skills acquisition may be counted as CPD.

8. Australian Nursing and Midwifery Board's role includes monitoring the competence of nurses and midwives. The Board conducts annual audits of a number of nurses and midwives registered in Australia.

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How our CPD Models can help

Flexible online courses to help you meet your CPD needs.
With more than 30 high-quality CPD courses for nurses, the Nursepoint CPD online learning platform helps you meet National Registration requirements in a way that suits you.

Exceptional content from market leader Elsevier Australia.
Drawing from Elsevier Australia's unique content, Nursepoint CPD courses comprise current, evidence-based, accredited and peer-reviewed learning modules in text, video and audio formats.

Keep track of your CPD quickly and easily.
Enrolling in a Nursepoint CPD course gives you access to a personal homepage, displaying all the modules you've purchased and completed.

You can download or print certificates for your completed modules as evidence of your CPD, for use in an appraisal, or to add to your portfolio. Reflective journaling is also a breeze using your personal homepage.

Nursepoint by Elsevier Australia has RCNA Authorised Provider of Endorsed Courses (APEC) status, subsequently our educational activities attract RCNA CNE Points.…

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